The Girls from the Orphanage

The Girls from the Orphanage

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi All,

I've had many questions about the hotel and the food. The Hotel first. This is one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in. The only down side is the pool is not available, they are doing something to it. I'm not sure what because I don't go outside much if I don't have to, it is very humid and hot.

The food is OK, I haven't experimented much. The food at the Hotel is the only food I've eaten so far. They have been packing my lunch for me everyday. It's true you do get a bit spoiled here. They bring the food all prepared right to your door. I'm going to miss that at home.

Steve and RuthAnn I have a new respect for your driving abilities. Thank God for Venkatesh he's our driver. He doesn't talk much bless his heart, but at least I'm not scared to death when I'm in the car. The commute is about 1/2 hr in the afternoon and only 20 minutes at night. At night is when you really see the dogs. There are a lot of them, but it seems they do alright.

The city at first looked a bit shabby, but the more I see the better it looks. The office is a very nice building. They have a huge cafeteria, with several food venders. Of course it's a very big building housing a lot of people. They must feel it isn't necessary to air condition the bathrooms or hallways though. And it seems the air conditioning cycles on and off thoughout the time we are there. The lights too.

The people I'm training are all very young and very smart. There are 3 fellows and 1 girl. Mani, Thamil, and Saravanan are the fellows, Jacintha is the girl. They are all taking Frank and I shopping this weekend. I think next weekend we are going to see something I have no clue how to spell, but it sounds very interesting. They are working on the traveling arrangements to the Taj Mahal. We are hoping to make it a day trip to save the extra expense of a hotel. Jacintha has volunteered to join me as has Dev. I'm not exactly sure how many will be going so it will be a surprise.

The boys have helped me download my photos from the phone to the laptop as I (of course) was having trouble. I don't have pictures yet of my crew. Coming soon.


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  2. Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing--it all sounds totally normal for India. Looking forward to any pictuers you post :-)