The Girls from the Orphanage

The Girls from the Orphanage

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finally a Field Trip

Hi All,

Frank and I were free on Saturday to enjoy some of the local sights. With Antony from work as our capable guide, and the ever dependable Ventakesh as our driver we headed out to a place called Mahaballipuram. This sight is near the Bay of Bengal, it's a collection of 5 temples dedicated to the Hindu Gods carved by hand from 1 stone. The area also has a concentration of stone carving Art Studios. I watched two of them at work for some time, while waiting for Antony to bargain with the local shop-keepers. He was instrumental is getting us very good deals on some gifts to bring back home. I had wandered off to visit other shops in the area. When I spotted poor Ventkatesh, I believe it was his job to babysit the old lady while Antony was getting a deal for Frank.

We stopped to see St Thomas Basillica and while Frank and Antony were exploring, Ventkatesh and were waiting by the car. We were parked next to a small bus. I didn't think too much about it (always forgetting I stick out like a sore thumb here) when we were surrounded by young girls in age from 10 - 13. They were on a small Holiday visiting some sights in Chennai, they are from an orphanage called Birds Nest. What wonderful experiences I'm having here!

We stopped to see our friend Dev in the evening and we got to meet his Wife, little girl and parents. They gifted me with a complete set of traditional clothing. Very pretty!!

Today we joined Jacintha at Her church for the Sunday Service. Outside of the language barrier it was quite similar to the service at Living Hope Church.

And as promised a picture of my trainees.

Bye for now.



  1. Oh that picture of you with the girls is precious. That has to be so special! How fun!

  2. It appears that all is going well--that is GOOD!
    Make the most of this exciting experience. :-)